WRADA Services

Wrada provides Systems, Hardware, and Software design services that focus on our core expertise of RFID and wireless.

RFID Services

  • Requirements, architecture, and design to integrate RFID into your existing system(s) and new product ideas.

  • Software integration services to connect RFID equipment directly to your systems and/or applications.

  • UHF GEN2 system engineering to optimize the use of GEN2 for your challenging RF application.

  • Data analysis to extract reliable information from RFID data streams

  • Applications for Impinj Indy, Speedway, and Speedway Revolution readers

Wireless Services

  • MAC and link protocol design, coding, and analysis

  • Optimizing standard or proprietary MAC/DL for your application specific needs

  • Utilize your wireless network as a competitive advantage by providing self-discovering, self-healing networks

  • Enhance your wireless data to provide position, velocity or location data for your wireless system

  • Learn where to invest your time and money to get the most improvement in your product performance/cost

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